Bring Forward to Your Org or City


Introduce players to local organizations and local government

Create custom badges for your community or cause (as many as you like!

Award grants and prizes to game winners and top players

Highlight public places and historical landmarks with local actions.

Drive traffic to local events and festivals with time-based Actions.

Feature local businesses as Challenge and Action sponsors

Then you can create...

We work with nonprofits and local governments across Wisconsin to create playful learning experiences for Forward players.


A highlight is a quick, virtual challenge connected to a real-world place. For example, have players complete a set of trivia question after visiting a monument. Highlights can be explored on our map.


Badges reward players for their accomplishments on the Forward platform. We offer dozens of badges out of the box and also work with nonprofits and cities to create custom badges. See our badges.


A challenge is a set of up to 25 actions and trivia questions related to a specific organization, cause or community.
Challenges are not time-based and can be completed at any point, although some require players to reach a particular Level (1-20) before they unlock.

Game (limited availability 2023!)

A game is a set of up to 150 actions and trivia questions related to a specific organization, cause or community that are available for a limited time. Games can last from 2 hours to 30 days and include:

  • Custom badge and prizes
  • Live Activity Feed
  • Leaderboard
  • Community (coming fall 2023)

    A community is a private space for members of a city, town or village. Here, players can follow local organizations and find challenges, badges, prizes, and trivia specifically for their community. Players may join a maximum of 2 communities.

    GAME basics

    With Forward, you get...

    Proven Mechanics

    Players can build teams, climb the leaderboard, follow friends, and see all the action on our live feed. Nothing beats a little friendly competition!

    Game-Based Learning

    Our games are based on decades of research on how great learning happens in games. These principles form the backbone of every game we make.

    Reporting & Analytics

    Understand everything that happened in your game. We offer detailed analytics in an engagement report after your game has concluded.

    iOS & Android app

    Players with Apple (iOS) and Android devices can join the game by downloading the game app to their phones.

    Custom Badges & Content

    Give your players a custom badge when they complete your game! (This is great if you want to run a series of games, or an annual game.)

    Free to players

    Our apps, games and challenges are always free for players to access.


    Our team will support you every step of the way.