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WI Earth Day Virtual Scavenger Hunt

During Earth Day weekend 2021, this four-day virtual scavenger hunt challenged players to complete Missions and answer trivia questions related to environmental justice and climate action initiatives in Wisconsin.

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Get Out the Vote Scavenger Hunt

The goal of this project was to leverage the unique skills of artists and creators to promote absentee voting and voter education in the leadup to the fall 2020 election in Wisconsin. 25 teams completed 1,312 Missions and uploaded 180 photos and videos in four days.

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Go DO something and take a photo of it.


Answer trivia questions related to civics, local history, and local causes.

How to Play

Players use the Forward game app to complete trivia and photo actions from local organizations before they expire.

GAME basics

Players join using our free mobile app

Team Play

Players can build teams, climb the leaderboard, follow friends, and see all the action on our live feed. Nothing beats a little friendly competition!


Our games are based on decades of research on how great learning happens in games. These principles form the backbone of every game we make.

Custom Badges

Give your players a custom badge when they complete your game! (This is great if you want to run a series of games, or an annual game.)

iOS & Android

Players with Apple (iOS) and Android devices can join the game by downloading the game app to their phones.

Reporting & Analytics

Understand everything that happened in your game. We offer detailed analytics in an engagement report after your game has concluded.

Pricing is up to you!

We've run our games as fundraisers and as free public awareness campaigns. What you charge your players to join your game is up to you.

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