Supporting local organizations, businesses and causes has never been easier!
"where do I start" confused man

Have you ever felt like this guy?

You're not alone.

Forward makes it easy and fun to discover local causes, buff up on civics, and make a real difference, starting in your local community.

"Thanks for creating this game! I had a blast playing it and it gave my competitive side a little something to strive for."
Wisconsin Get Out the Vote Virtual Scavenger Hunt
"Our family and girl scout troop learned there is a huge need for environmental changes."
Wisconsin Earth Day Virtual Scavenger Hunt
"I realized just how much plastic our household uses, especially from beverages!"
Wisconsin Earth Day Virtual Scavenger Hunt
Our team "had so much fun with this adventurous way to encourage voting. [My] girls loved all the projects and learning about voting."
Wisconsin Get Out the Vote Virtual Scavenger Hunt
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Find and complete actions and trivia before they expire...


Go DO something and take a photo of it.


Answer trivia questions related to civics, local history, and local causes.


Climb the Leaderboard

Climb leaderboards and earn badges as you learn about local history, businesses, organizations and brush up your civics skills.

Win Prizes

Win real cash for the organizations you’re playing for, as well as swag, prizes, arts grants, and more for your team.

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Compete and Collaborate

You'll have to find neighbors with shared passions, follow friends, and collaborate in order to level up.

Get Custom Action Alerts

Follow the organizations and businesses you care about and get alerts on actions you can take to support them.

Example Actions

What We Offer

We work with nonprofits and local governments to create custom Games, Badges, and Challenges.


A game is a set of up to 150 actions and trivia questions related to a specific organization, cause or community that are available for a limited time. Games can last from 2 hours to 30 days and include:

  • Custom badge and prizes
  • Live Activity Feed
  • Leaderboard
  • Badges

    Badges reward players for their accomplishments on the Forward platform. We offer dozens of badges out of the box and also work with nonprofits and cities to create custom badges.


    A challenge is a set of up to 50 actions and trivia questions related to a specific organization, cause or community.
    Challenges are not time-based and can be completed at any point, although some require players to reach a particular Level (1-20) before they unlock.

    Communities (coming 2023)

    A community is a private space for members of a city, town or village. Here, players can follow local organizations and find challenges, badges, prizes, and trivia specifically for their community. Players may join a maximum of 2 communities.

    Why Play Forward?

    support your community

    Start local.

    Follow what’s happening the the communities you care about. This is where your participation can make the greatest impact.


    Make it personal.

    Follow only the causes, businesses, organizations and tags that matter to you in your own personalized action feed. It’s up to you when, where and how you want to play Forward.

    Fun & SOCIAL

    Follow friends, organizations and communities.

    Share your accomplishments, team up with friends, and get inspired by the community of changemakers in your own backyard!


    Create a game for your organization, cause or community.